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CWB-Great Sandhills Terminal is a 23,400 tonne capacity high-throughput grain handling facility located near Leader, Saskatchewan involved in receiving, cleaning for export and shipping a variety of cereal grains. The facility was constructed in 1995. GST became part of CWB’s growing network of strategic grain-handling assets in 2014. 

CWB is one of the most experienced wheat and barley marketers in the world. The Winnipeg-based organization has sold grain to over 70 countries, based on a reputation for high-quality product, reliable service and trusted international relationships. Underpinned by industry partnerships and a growing asset base, it offers a range of marketing programs to Canadian farmers, including its popular pool contracts, providing solid returns and significant risk-management benefits.

CWB launched the Farmer Equity Plan in 2013. The plan provides that eligible farmers who deliver grain against CWB contracts will receive an equity interest in the company after privatization, and is the only opportunity for farmers to gain an ownership stake in a Canadian-focused grain company. Learn more about CWB's plans for the future at





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